Children’s day Youth Chess Championship

Adamasingba Ibadan. My chess champions made off with quite a few prizes. Aisha was not left behind in this at all. Congratulations to all the children. Congratulations to Bode and their other coaches and caregivers.


Its a baby GIRL!!!!!!!

We are very proud to announce the safe delivery of Esther. Her daughter, Oluwadarasinmi was born in the early hours. Baby and mother are doing very well.


2018 End-of-year street party

28 and 29 December 2018  End of Year Street Parties

Our annual Street Parties was a lot of fun, joy, laughter, food, dance in 2 locations: Mokola under the bridge and Oja Oba. Both parties were great successes.


Food and Gifts

Oluwatoby Andre visits with gifts for the center

Drs. Otive-Igbuzo, all the way from Abuja with foodstuff. Thank you so much for your continuous support dear friends

21 Dec. 2018 “Christmas Cloth”:Thank you very much Sammy Titilayo Bello for blessing us with our ‘christmas cloth’


Tunde Graduates

Tunde Graduates: A very proud Tunde graduates successfully from his training as a barber. It was celebrated in a graduation ceremony in the centre.


Facebook Award

My first ever Facebook Award. This truly belongs to everyone in the centre. I’m so proud of this. Thank you very much to the House of Coyle.


Certificate of Recognition

We got our Certificate of Recognition from the Oyo State Government.

Collecting our certificate of Recognition from the officials of the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development

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