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The main thrust of the program is providing a safe shelter for the children rescued from the streets. This includes provision of health care, feeding and psychosocial care. 

The organisation currently maintains one house for boys and another for girls.

Each house tries to retain the structure of a normal home as much as possible, with a minimum or 2 supervising adults of the same sex supervising 12 children of different ages at a time.

Basic Health Care is an integral part of providing shelter starting with blood tests to determine the child’s blood group and type, HIV, Typhoid and Hepatitis B status.


We lobby with government over the development of policies and activities that affect the development and growth of the child.
We work closely with the state Ministry in charge of all matters affecting children and other agencies including the police and civil defense commission.
We also have close interaction with the local Unions at the Motor Parks and the Market who relate with the children who are our target group daily.


We recognise the family as the bedrock of the society and that healing from past emotional and mental wounds only comes about when family issues are faced and dealt with.
The organisation helps to locate and re-establish contact with the families of the children. The family is required to sign an extract with the police giving the organisation legal guardianship over the child and to contribute whatever they can afford monthly to the care for the child. Family visits are allowed if it has a positive effect on the child. Children are allowed to visit their family home after a positive evaluation of the impact of the family situation on the child.

Education and Training

Fun and enjoyable educational activities are designed that challenge the children and motivate creative and critical thinking. In the first 3 months in the centre each child is exposed to basic literacy and numeracy lessons from the staff of the centre, who at the same time assess the needs and strengths of each child and in collaboration with the child and the attendant psychologist and or counsellor make the decision about the best educational direction for each child. All the children are taught different skills.
We collaborate with only schools and training institutes that are recognised by the state, and ensure that the children get state recognised certificates and diplomas.


The organization’s focus is on character building in order to promote the integration of the children into mainstream society without stigma. The children receive basic psychological and trauma counselling and rehabilitation activities from a professional child counsellor who assesses each child at least quarterly. She gives detailed report of her observations and makes recommendations for their handling.

As part of the integration program, the houses are designed to be self-running. This means that the children are fully involved in all the activities that are necessary for the daily running of the home. These activities belong to what we classify as critical Life skills.
The children are encouraged to interact with the local community. Structured and monitored playtimes
and community service programmes are organised to facilitate this.

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    Your support to our organization is channeled towards helping the Children

    Giving anything from 1000 Naira or $2USD monthly makes a big difference to us

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