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Residential Program

The residential program is designed to provide a safe living environment for children rescued from the streets and who are prepared to live and grow in a structured environment with other children and have no other such place to go to. Some of the children in the center are orphans, or children who have run away from home and who for one reason or the other don't feel safe with their families and prefer to remain on the streets rather than return home. While in the SDCRI residential center, they are given access to all the opportunities necessary for their mental, psychosocial, physical and professional development. Information on all programs carried out in this program, can be found below. The residential Program works with Children and Young Adults.

Non-residential Program

The non-residential program is designed to reach out to children and young adults who do not yet have the motivation or confidence to leave the streets. We have an annual end-of-year party to reach out to this group of children. We also provide access to the same opportunities and activities that are offered to the children in the residential program, although without a commitment to a particular structure. This is in line with the SDG principle of leaving no one behind. EVERY child deserves to have all their rights upheld.




Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat

  • To provide housing to children sleeping on the streets
  • To provide adequate feeding, medical care and psychosocial support
  • To provide educational and training opportunities and activities 
  • To reinforce children’s rights by advocacy work with various governmental institutions.

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Create Opportunities for Children

Malnutrition, social conflicts and poverty severely affect the life of millions of young people and children. Satus Dignus CRI is a private charity in Nigeria that aims to support street children and allow them to be treated with dignity, respect and to benefit from new opportunities.

There are no bad children, only bad circumstances

Every child deserves a childhood and equal access to life transforming opportunities

Our programs

As a children’s charity, Satus Dignus CRI offers five programs.


We provide accommodation, health care, education, and psychosocial support.


Targets government and institutions to improve and/or develop related child focused policies and activities.

Family Reunion

We locate the children's families and support them in rebuilding broken relationships. 

Education & Training

Based on each child's need, an education/training program is developed with the goal of empowering the child. We focus on making learning fun.


Our focus is on character and personality building and a transition to ensure that the child  enter the society as productive and positive Nigerians.

Why we Need Your Support

SDCRI is financed by the goodwill of our friends and the community at large. Your material or financial support helps us continue to provide the support and opportunities to make a difference in the lives of children rescued from the streets. You can support us in different ways:


You can give money in the following ways:

Adopt a child:  The costs for each child are broken into 2. You can choose which of these you can sponsor:

General Upkeep: This includes feeding, clothing, toiletries, health costs, extra curricular activities. The average cost for each child is calculated at 2500 Naira per day, or 17,000 per week or 75000 per month. You can choose to finance a child daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or whichever number of days you feel comfortable with. However, it has to be monthly.

Education/Training Costs. These include school fees, school uniforms, text books, note books; training fees, and costs of training materials for children in vocational training programs. These costs are not fixed; they are calculated based on each child’s education/training needs each school year.

Click here to give.

Donate: Monthly or Anytime

Monthly: Giving anything from 1000 Naira or 2US$ monthly makes a big difference to us. Click here to give.

Anytime: We appreciate you supporting us with whatever you have, whenever you can, and for whatever part of the work interests you. To donate cash click here.

Material Support

We constantly need books, food stuff, school materials, clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, electronics, data, office equipment and every single thing you could possibly think about in the center. You can support us by giving any of these to the center whenever you can.

Note: We prefer uncooked food items to cooked food.


We constantly need volunteers to help us in various ways:

  • Give our children different skills trainings
  • Provide counselling for our children
  • Support our office work in the center
  • Support our outreach department on the field
  • Plan and carry out our annual end-of-year street parties


Do you know that you can support us by connecting us to companies, clubs, networks and individuals who can work with and/or partner with us? We always welcome a chat to discuss this further. Contact us here.


From Children Under Our Care

We love. We care. We educate.

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