Birthday celebration – Zainab Sanni

Thanks to Zainab Sanni for celebrating her birthday with us by organising a quiz in the center. Happy birthday. The children were both challenged and appreciated.


Non-Residential Program

SDCRI officially started our Non-Residential Program. This program will be responsible for working with out-of-school on-the-street children by supporting their parents to better care for the children and will also be supporting the child with school fees, school materials and meals if needed.



Our end of year street parties held in Oja Oba and Mokola Ibadan. Our team went to share some love to the children. It was simply amazing.


Resuming school

Our children in the centre resume school today under the supervision of the tiny Darasimi who is ensuring that they are all well dressed. Esther is occupied with her vocational training and Darasimi will be left at home alone for a while each day. The aunties and uncles will be able to take a breather for a few hours each day again.


Support from the Oyo State through the Ministry of Women Affairs

During the Ramadan, we got a very large gift of watermelons from the Ministry and then less than a week ago, the state government gave the center:

  1. 14 cartons of Golden Penny Noodles
  2. 15 cartons of Choco-Quit Cookies
  3. 7 cartons of Spaghetti
  4. 1 bag of rice.

We are very grateful to the State government.

2020  ANNOUNCEMENT: Our small farm is nearly ready for harvesting

On Saturday 20th June, a team from the Street medicine team members from Dr. Afolabi came to visit the center, and they came bearing lots of gifts. Thank you so so much to all the members of the team.



Yipppeeee, Esther begins her hair styling vocational training today. We wish her best of luck as she proceeds. She’s been looking forward to this for so long.


Birthday celebration

Mr. Olabode Sofoluwe, our Coordinator celebrates his birthday.  A wonderful people manager with a commitment to detail and a heart that’s ten times his size. All of us, children, staff, personnel and board of SDCRI thank you for all that you do, wish you a happy birthday and pray that this will be your best year yet.  Keep choosing Joy. We love you.


Donations – Birthday

Today, the director of the estate agency in charge of our location, Mrs. Onaeko, came to celebrate her birthday in the center in a very powerful way. She came bearing a lot of gifts. The children maintained the social distance but still sang for her.


Trainee Teaching Assistants

From this week Ridwan and Kolade have started teaching the younger ones and supporting them in their studies under the supervision of their uncles and aunties. They are our first set of trainee teaching assistants.


Three Years of Service

Exactly 3 years ago, we welcomed the first set of seven boys into the center. Out of those initial seven, two boys are still with us. It is wonderful to see how they have grown and flourished. Seehad and Kolade are growing into very fine young men. Much thanks to Aderonke Ige, Lola Aigoro and Olubukola Atanda Nike who got the center kicking at its inception and to Olabode Sofoluwe, our very first caregiver, now Coordinator.  A big thanks also to Mr. Felix Obanubi and Stephen Jinadu.  To all of you who gave, who are still giving, thank you so very much. You all have made this dream a reality in Ibadan. CONGRATULATIONS to all of us. Unto even greater heights.

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